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comp format for the Championship UKCA sheffield shoot 7th april 2012

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The format for both distances is very simple.You will all be drawn into groups of 4 shooters,10 shots each using either 8mm or 9.5mm steel,the choice is your own,if after the initial 10 shots everyone is tied,a further 10 will be shot until 2 winners emerge.the first 2 winners from each group will go forward to the next round,then it will the 1 winner from each group,until we are down to our final four.the final 4 will then become the final 2 shooting for 1st and 2nd place.Altho there will only be trophies for the 1st and 2nd placing,s,3rd and 4th place will be recognised on the UKCA forum as well as other catapult forums in the UK.

The targets will be decided on the day as will the height,therefore making sure the winner of both distances is a fully rounded catapult shooter who has taken the title under pressure and who has not had the chance to gain an unfair advantage by training at that range.

Any person who wishes to compete for either title(10/20m) must be a registered member of the United Kingdom Catapult Association

Thank you


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