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Why should i join?

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1Why should i join? Empty Why should i join? Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:43 am



At this moment in time there is no catapult Association promoting the sport.The UKCA aims to bring like minded individuals together under one banner,be it through competiton,forums or just the peace of mind that knowing one day,you could be recognised as the UKCA champ!Weve all heard someone saying"i can do this,i can do that" you get the drift,well now is the chance to show us what you have!As an individual,if you take a title end of season,you are the title holder,no ifs,no buts,no disputes,not to mention a nice big cup sitting on your mantle engraved with your name and the year you won it,recognition from your peers,not to mention everyone knowing who you are across the uk forums,

But i dont want to compete.............

Again thats personal preference and you are under no pressure to join the UKCA at anytime,it just means you wouldnt be able to enter UKCA recognised competions or any giveaway/prizedraw run by UKCA,But the wealth of knowledge across the forums we in the UK have right now,any catapult related question you have will be answered and any advice given.



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