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1TEAM EVENT FOR  UKCA 2013 "4 MAN MEDLEY" Empty TEAM EVENT FOR UKCA 2013 "4 MAN MEDLEY" Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:00 am



There been a new team event added to the UKCA CHAMPS in Sheffield 2013

"The 4 man medley"

Goes like this

4 man team only,if you cant make a team of four u cant enter,end of
heres how it works

1st leg

can cut from 20m,idea is to cut the can completely as quick as possible 1st shooter shoots,goes to back of que 2nd shooter and so on,as soon as this is completed a can is placed 5m from your teams starting line

2nd leg

each member of your team then takes one shot,goes to back of line as before then 2nd shooter etc etc,first team to get there can over the 20m mark,then moves onto

3rd leg

3 chalk discs are hung @20m ,each disc must be hit,any order,as long as the chalks are gone,same as before,1 shooter goes,back of que,2nd shooter and so forth

This will determine team champions for 2013 Smile

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